Sunday, July 24, 2016

We Must Be Soldiers of the Light, Part 2

It's not exactly news that our species is in a profound crisis. War, environmental catastrophe, endemic poverty, political collapse, economic disaster, perversion and degeneracy at every level of society. Most people remain in a state of panic and helplessness around these events, trapped at the material level of perception (and hence convinced of their own insignificance), never understanding the root cause of all the chaos.

As medicine drinkers we must go deeper. We must understand that there is a spiritual war going on right now. It is being fought over the future of our planet - whether or not the Earth will remain able to support life. It is being fought over our future as a species - whether we will continue living in the degraded, ignorant, violent slave state which has been the human condition for as long as history records, or whether we will realize our true nature as spiritual beings having a physical experience and live accordingly. Whether we will continue even to exist as a species.

In this spiritual war there are forces of darkness and forces of light. Thus we are left with 3 possible courses of action:

1. Try to remain neutral.
2. Join the side of darkness.
3. Join the side of light.

I would contend that number one is always an illusion and impossibility, since alleged neutrality always redounds to the benefit of the perpetrator. Silence is complicity.

If you're interested in number two, you're probably not reading this blog. If you are and you've come here by mistake, then by all means accept our prayers and best wishes for your soul, because you need them.

Thus we are left with no choice at all - we must be soldiers of the light. Sounds great. What does it mean?

First of all, let us be clear: it never, ever means harming our follows. If you've picked up a gun in your attempt to do the Creator's will, you're far beyond the help of my modest little ayahuasca blog. It's a tautology: a loving and beneficent creator can never wish the destruction of his and her creation. Any other creator is not possible to conceive, since the prerequisite of creation is care. So we can all take a deep breath and relax: our true God wants us to be happy, joyous, free, and at peace. The crusaders and jihadists of the world are lost souls, serving a lying, demonic entity who masquerades as the Supreme Being.

Fair enough. We have discussed what it is not, but what is it? First of all, it is caring enough to know ourselves. Truly, deeply know ourselves. How are we to remove the splinter from our brother's eye if we are blinded by the beam in our own? We must recognize our faults, explicitly, humbly, and honestly. Our shit really does stink. Having acknowledged and digested these painful and inconvenient truths about ourselves, we must then invite our Creator into the deepest recesses of our soul to clean us on the inside.

This is the purgative stage of the ayahuasca journey, and it's tough - really tough. It requires a warrior to even contemplate it, let alone see it through to completion. But if you would have freedom, real freedom in your life, there is no alternative. Whether through the medicine or another means, you must abandon yourself to this process - self-knowledge, cleansing, and divine transformation.

How fortunate that ayahuasca is such a profound help to us in these tasks! Funny how it works out that way. The 12 Steps get the theory right, but those programs lack the medicine, the sacrament - the actual agent of transformation.

Having cleaned our container, what comes next? For most of us there is a selfish component. We must take care of ourselves - neglected careers need tending, unfulfilling relationships need mending or abandonment, personal dreams need nurturing and nourishment. This is all valid and necessary.

But it is not enough. I would submit that a necessary component of an authentic medicine journey absolutely must be a deep commitment to making things better on this planet. To being of service. To joining the Army of Light.

Lord knows our task is herculean enough. We need all the help we can get.

Here is my own belief about the matter. If it were a question strictly of numbers, we'd be fucked. If a majority of the humanoids on this planet today - the thoughtless, ignorant consumer golems who swill beer and chase tail and whip in and out of traffic and consume reality TV and don't give a shit when some goddamn drone strike kills another 50 kids in Yemen - if a majority of those people had to suddenly and miraculously undertake a kundalini yoga practice, or become chi gong students, or start drinking ayahuasca regularly, or do anything at all in order to know themselves and hence collectively lift the broken and impoverished consciousness of our species, we'd be fucked. It's not gonna happen.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to. That's not how evolution works, it seems. Here I am radically and admittedly out of my depth - I am no scientist. However, many very intelligent and accomplished people are describing a similar process, a new way of looking at species development. Rupert Sheldrake, for instance. It seems that when some critical mass of members of a species come to a realization, all of them get it. As if by magic. As if they were all helping to manifest some idea of themselves that both 1) exists independently, beyond themselves; and 2) is affected by their own development. Something akin to Platonic Form, but conceived as a conversation instead of a decree.

There appears to be some evidence for this idea. I'll be honest though, I don't care so much about that. I like the idea because I know in my heart that it's true. I like it because it conforms to my own experience of life - what I have been through myself and what I see mirrored back to me in everyone who chooses this path. That we are all evolving beings, and that we are in charge of the direction in which we evolve. And that entire human systems (especially families) can be healed by one person fully channeling Divine Love.

What pure, beautiful Grace.

It seems that, in stark contrast to the Newtonian/positivist/materialist intellectual savagery we've been taught as gospel for 300 years in the West, mind trumps matter. Matter is just stuff. Mind is what organizes it. And it is a noun that is always correctly expressed in the singular.

We are all conductors of Universal Mind. Whether we take responsibility for that fact is another matter entirely, but fact it remains. Realizing this fact is the central purpose of our incarnation on this planet, in these bodies.

The satanists, the dark occultists with their bizarre and unholy elite rituals who run this whole show, they know this. They don't ever lose sight of the fact that mind dictates matter. Their minds are powerful and united in service of the Dark Principle. They have been for a long time.

We must match them and overcome them. Not through hateful combat. Not through attempting their destruction. Through loving them and illuminating the darkness in them. First in ourselves, then through every broken, tormented being that desires healing from this medicine. Those of us who feel this call must answer it - we must offer ourselves in charity for the spiritual elevation of our species.

We must love them out of existence.

We must also hold deeply and firmly in our hearts and in our minds a beautiful vision - for this planet and for our species. A world without armies and jails and kleptocratic corporate criminals enslaving us for their own tiny benefit. A world without hunger and murder and rape and poverty and child abuse. A beautiful garden that we all can share.

We absolutely can have it. Never believe the cynics and the cowards who would snuff out these dreams in the name of "realism". They seek justification for their own abandonment of the struggle, that's all. They won't get it from me.

This is not some idle, flaky hippy nonsense. This is architecture. Again, mind precedes matter. As a species, we dream our reality into existence. It is high past time for a new one. Let's bring it into being. Now.

God bless you, whoever you are.

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